Thursday, December 28, 2017

Politics: Esan West Local Government Chairmanship Aspirant, Kelly O. Udebhulu, talks tough.

Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu
EKPOMA-Prince Kelly O. Udebhulu is a young vibrant chieftain of the All Progressives Party (APC) in Edo state. He is from UROHI (ward 8 ) in Esan west local government of Edo state who has not be able to produce the council's chairman since the creation of the council. He plans to contest the forthcoming local government council's elections in the state. In this interview, the illustrious son of Ohon, Urohi speaks on his experience in the last general and governorship elections in Nigeria, the proposed primary and other issues.

How would the APC leaders in Esan west local government and Edo state in general manage the crowd of aspirants that have shown interest in the ticket?

We are from one family of APC. Our leaders are experienced personalities that have seen the black and white of politics. All of us (aspirants) submit ourselves to the process, and for me, if you submit yourself to a process, you have to abide with the outcome of that process. Who ever the party process chooses, all others would support for the final election.

What particular lesson did you take away from the experience of 2015 and 2016?

Thank you for this question. I was with Chief (Dr) Francis Inegbeniki as media icon during the senatorial campaigns and election. The major lesson that I took away from the election is that, on the last day, particularly on the day of election, you need a core of dedicated people to serve, whether as agents or representatives, or to do things for you. You cannot afford to leave that important aspect of electioneering in the hands of people who are not committed to your cause or the party. Pathetically, people are simply after money. When you have people who are more or less traders, then you are in trouble. So, on my election, we would go ahead to get people who believe in our cause. Any dedicated party man would be willing to sacrifice anything for the success of his party. That is one particular lesson that I have learnt, that you don’t go around with people who don’t believe in your cause. be continued.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Breaking News! Fulani herdsmen Attack Urohi community in Esan west local government.

Kelly O. Udebhulu reports.

EKPOMA-Today, 26th November, 2017, the fulani herdsmen completely blocked the road leading to Urohi community from Ekpoma, the local government headquarter, robbing all motorists and bike riders. These attacks have become a daily occurrence that the people of Urohi now sleep with both eyes open.

In the months of June and July, 2017, there were series of attacks on Urohi community by Fulani herdsmen. These attacks came on the heels of bloody invasions and killings in Esan west local government where several residents were killed and several others were raped and farmlands destroyed by the marauding herdsmen.

Sadly, the invasion of these hitherto peaceful community have continued unabated despite the outcry that trailed the unprovoked invasions and attacks. Today, majority of the inhabitants of Urohi community in Esan west local government have become refugees in their own land, abandoning their large scale farming activities which the people are known for.

Unfortunately, the people have also been abandoned to their fate by the government.
From Urohi to Egoro Naoka, Uhiele to Urohi, it’s the same sad story of bloodletting and devastation that has left hundreds killed, property destroyed, and farmland and food barns razed. The developments have also affected farming activities in the local government. Most farmlands have been deserted.

Regrettably, the blood thirsty herdsmen have now bared their taste for blood on Urohi community unabated, a community regarded as the food baskets of the state. They are known for their massive production of yam tubers, pineapples and grains sold across the country, but with the attacks the economic fortune of Esan west local government and Edo state in general is heading for the rocks.
Surprisingly, hardly has a day passed now without reported cases of invasions and killings in Urohi particularly Ebute metta village in Urohi by herdsmen. According to the inhabitants of Urohi community, this ugly trend will no longer be condoned, the bad side of it is that these attackers came in with their cows from neighboring towns in disguise and unleashing mayhem on the people. The government should come to the aid of these communities to avoid these fulani herdsmen attacks daily.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

President Robert Mugabe's letter to his exit appealing to black Zimbabwean citizens..... You Will Appreciate Me More When I Am Gone.

My fellow Zimbabweans, I am writing this letter and hope that all of you will read it and share it.

My days on this earth are numbered, But I know that once I am gone, You and your children will never forget about me.

I want you to understand that the reason I have stayed long in power, 36 years on, Is because I want to empower all of you my fellow black Zimbabweans, No other president in the entire continent of Africa has done what I have done for you, But you continue to take me for granted.

Do you know that in the whole of Africa, Zimbabweans are the only blacks who own their land? We are the only blacks who own and run means of production, We own our own companies and our own land, That is the true meaning of independence. Political and economic independence. I have fought tooth and nail my entire political life to ensure that all of you have both political and economic independence, I don’t hate white people, No, Not at all. What I hate is their thinking that they are better than us, That they can just come to our country and take our resources and our land, And tell us what to do, To that I say no, Today, I am happy that almost all the land is in black hands.

It's up to you to use the education I gave you to develop the land so it is productive so you can feed yourself, One thing I am proud of is that I worked hard to ensure our natural resources and our land was given back to its rightful OWNERS: You the black people of Zimbabwe.

Go to other countries in Africa, Right here just across Limpopo, In South Africa, Mandela sold out and gave all the land and economy to the whites, The blacks in South Africa will be slaves to white South Africans forever, As long as land is not in the hands of its rightful owners, The Africans, The black man will continue to suffer in his own land.

The real wealth is now in your hands, I wrestled it away from the white people who came to steal it from you, Yes, The world was angry at me and punished the whole country with sanctions, But I don’t care because I know I was doing the right thing, I was empowering my people, You should take care of the land and the industries I have given you.

I did my part, The ball is now in your court, Do your part, You will remember me and appreciate me for what I have done for you when I am gone....

Your president and leader of Africa for Africans!

-Robert Gabriel Mugabe!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Nigeria has the Resources to Grow, Tap the Human and Natural Resources Rightly–Arc. Emuan.

Arc Emuan

Architect (Dr) Austin Ilenre Emuan, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), was a governorship aspirant on the platform of the party during the 2016 election in Edo State. He spoke with OJIEVA EHIOSUN on sundry issues.


How would you rate the performance of Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, now that it is a year since he came to power?

The journey so far with Obaseki had been smooth. His government is poised in the right direction and it is obvious that he is also defining the right paths that will gravitate Edo State towards the aspirations of our people. However, one year into the tenure of four years might be premature to judge him. My consolation is in the fact that Obaseki is capable of taking Edo further on the path of meaningful developments, from where Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, his predecessor anchored it.
Obaseki hit the ground running, the gains of which are obvious in infrastructural and general economic development. I am not surprised Edo public have already nicknamed him as the ‘Wake and See Governor’ because one moment you see a dilapidated road or infrastructure only to wake up in the morning to see a brand new one in its place. This alacrity of dispatch is commendable.

More than two years into the APC’s tenure, do you agree that Nigerians are passing through hardship as against what they experienced in the past?

Amongst the most disciplined, overboard, selfless and well-meaning Nigerians, Buhari stands out as one of the first of the firsts. To be able to advance towards our destination and aspirational goals as Nigerians, we desperately needed a man like Buhari on the rostrum of governance.

Let’s not forget so soon that we were angry about the way our patrimony was recklessly managed and this, made us hungry for a solution; hence we all supported and voted massively for him.
He has since set out to do the needful which requires making painful structural changes that must be supported by us all through deliberate attitudinal change, for the benefit of us, all. Unfortunately, Nigerians don’t seem to be ready to bear pains and make sacrifices.

We like the Jews want to go back to Egypt amidst deliverance from slavery. The earlier we realized that no one can make omelets without breaking eggs, the better for us because we cannot build a foundational economy by living on rents like in the days gone by but only through productivity whilst building strong institutions. I think this is the first lesson that the “Change” philosophy of this administration stands for. Also, President Buhari’s saying that “the change we need begins with you and I” is an undisputed fact. He cannot do it alone. Let’s support him.

APC has presided over Nigeria in the past two and half years. How long should the people wait for dividends of democracy?

I am yet to see any true gains without pains. Show me any star and I will show you his or her scars of sacrifice. Nigerians should bear the pains of strong-nation building right now, if they cherish to live a future life full of bliss. No great nation today or before was built in a day.

Nigerians should be patient with President Buhari as his Change mantra and associated policies and programs when supported, would take the country out of the woods, and relaunch it on the narrow path of greatness.

Thank God; government and economic experts uphold that the tough realities of Nigeria’s economic recessions are now giving way to recovery and prosperity. Sure, Buhari loves Nigerians but will not compromise where bitter pills have to be taken to cure the root cause of our persistent and nagging ailments.

Buhari had been criticized for spending more time attending to his health overseas, than the needs of Nigerians. Isn’t that worrisome?

Buhari is human and being a leader does not preclude him from falling ill. Indeed, it was a tough period for Nigerians, But, he was ably and effectively represented by the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Nigerians must however be commended on their prayers and support for Mr. President during the trying period. Now that he is back on his feet again, I implore Nigerians to rejoice and support him in rejigging our political economy so that our resources can be administered fairly to all in accordance to the will of God.

You make reference to God. Should Nigerians just fold their arms and leave everything to God.
Definitely, God rules in the affairs of men and nations. All the sacred books, uphold that God enjoins men and nations to help themselves, and that He would bless the good works of their hands. It will be foolhardy and stupid for anyone to think that all we see and feel in nature came by accident. They are the product of a mastermind. Call HIM God, Allah, Olorun or Osalobua etc.,

HE lives and that is why we can all exist and face tomorrow. Tai Solarin was a great Nigerian patriot, though unfortunately an atheist, believed that fairness to all was a universal law demanded of us by forces of nature. That Force is God! In the times of trials, God has been very helpful to Nigerians and their leaders, as indicated by Buhari’s recovery. No doubt, God received the supplications of all Nigerians and we have him back hale and hearty.

Don’t you share the views of some pundits who postulated that the country would break up?

I believe in God and His Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ and I have seen God’s hands mold individuals and nations into wonderful shapes of profound purpose. Nigerians are very good people and deserve a leader who has the fear of God to lead them. One whose leadership is not self-serving but one that is able to see leadership as the moral image of law, the civic face of order and symbol of justice.

Buhari’s falls in lines of these qualities and they propel him to fight corruption with all zest and zeal. Do not mind those prophets of doom, who see nothing good about Africans and Nigerians. If their doomsday prophecy on Nigeria’s breakup in 2015 did not come to pass, it will never.

Buhari, as impeccable as he you are saying had been accused of condoning corruption. Isnt that true?

Now, if your reference is corruption allegations leveled against his former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and others like Maina very recently, have all been test of will and I think the president has done the needful with his decisive sack of the former SGF and others.
Nigeria is not a failing state, but a state in transition. My quest to know why nations fail challenged me, so much that I had to pursue a doctorate degree in the International Relations- Business-Major in one of the American Universities and I can tell you that nations fail when they have weak and extractive institutions. Before now, we were treading that path but not anymore with the APC led government under Buhari.

Are you not disturbed that the Avengers, the deadly Niger Delta militant group is again threatening to resume the bombing of oil installations in your region?

At this era, when the global oil price is appreciating, Nigeria could do a lot with oil proceeds to address many critical areas of intervention and needs towards making life meaningful for all Nigerians.

Again, now that the scourge of climate change is devastating the world, further bombings by the militants could further imperil the immediate environment, the people and livelihood of the Niger Delta.

The South-South Professionals that I belong are always opposed to such acts of aggression and sabotage as it breeds nothing but ills. Time has come for our people to embrace economic activism and advocate peacefully on how to positively transform our economic horizon rather than otherwise.
I humbly appeal to the militants to join hands with this government to create peace that we all know sets the right stage for meaningful economic development.

The Oba of Benin, Ewuare II, has just marked his one year on throne. Being the sponsor of the Oba of Benin Green Award, what is your view on this occasion?

I am proud to be an Edo man, I am proud of our Royal Majesty, Oba Ewuare n’ Ogidigan II, and as already expressed through key media pronouncements by me and my organisations, during his coronation and the most recent anniversary, I re-affirm that our Oba is very dynamic and disposed to serving his people to bequeath an ideal Edo; a legacy much better than the one he inherited.

Remarkably, with the social- cultural reforms he has embarked upon, he is already living up to his name of Oba Ewuare (the Great) Ogidigan II, with inherent potential of surpassing the solid transformation of his predecessors. Interestingly as always, the things of God are not mistaken, as they come in due time and season.

I think it is an act of God that Oba Ewuare II and Governor Obaseki have come at such a time, when the current Edo people, just like the old Bini era of Oba Ewuare n’ Ogidigan I, through cultural revival, re-established the kingdom to greater heights, in the then African and global arena.
With the symbiotic mix of combining traditional and governmental elements to re-invent the Edo people by the duo of our present Governor and Oba, Edo is set to see history repeat itself, but with higher intensity., I encourage all Edo people to support this great opportunity to advance our dear state.

Anambra Decides: Full Updates Release.

AKWA-Some election observers, who monitored the governorship election in Anambra on Saturday have expressed mixed feelings over the exercise, newsmen report.

LoudNewsToday reports that voting ended at exactly 2p.m, and counting of votes immediately commenced in the polling units where accreditation and voting commenced between 8a.m and 9a.m on Saturday.

It reports that INEC has 4,608 polling units across the 21 local governments areas.

In most polling units located in Orumba, North and South, Aguata, Awka South and Awka North local government areas, counting of votes was still in progress as at 2.30pm.

Mr Samuel Itodo, the Executive Director, Youth Initiative for Advocacy, Growth and Advancement (YIAGA), told the News Agency of Nigeria that materials and personnel arrived various polling units late. Itodo said 28 per cent of polling units recorded arrival of materials and personnel as at 7.30 a.m., except im Awka North and Awka South Local Government Areas where materials and personnel arrive before 7.30 a.m.

“Apparently, as at 10 a.m., 75 per cent of the polling units were opened while voting started about 30 minutes later.

 “That is disturbing but as at 12 noon, 92 per cent of polling units were opened.

“We asked INEC to extend the deadline from 2 p.m to 4 p.m to enable people vote,” Itodo said.
The executive director also said there were issues with card readers being unable to authenticate finger prints, saying the development raised issue of integrity of the exercise. According to him, it is too premature to make statements on voter turnout.

 ”We are still studying our data so as to make official statement on that later.”

On his part, Mr Ezenwa Nwagwu, Chairman, Partners for Electoral Reform, said voting started late, especially in Ogbaru Local Government Area.

Nwagwu said security agents have been civil and professional in their conduct, adding also that voters have equally behaved themselves. However, he said there were high cases of “vote buying” recorded in some parts of the state.

 Mr Harry Putker, an observer with the Embassy of Netherlands, said his group would make its observations public at a later date, which would  include some minor challenges which INEC needed to work on.

 Another observer group, the Nigeria Bar Association (NBA) Election Working Group told newsmen in Onitsha that the exercise began on a good note as the process started early with arrival of materials.

“All the materials, including ballot boxes, card readers, result sheets are intact and working in good condition,” Coordinator of the group, Mr Adewale Ademola, said.

He also commended the presence of security personnel, saying “everything went orderly and  was transparent”.

Full Updates:

Anambra election – Strong politicians from different political parties, Saturday, won their respective polling units in the Anamber governorship election.

At Nnewi, home of the late Igbo leader, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu‎, despite his son’s defection to the All Progressives Congress, APC, the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA won Umudim central school polling units. Result from the three polling units in the primary school indicated‎ that APGA scored 261 votes, APC 98 and PDP 80.

 Emeka Ojukwu Jnr was absent at the polling unit, but late Ojukwu’s widow, Bianca Ojukwu was present at the venue and said she would follow the result of the election to ‎its conclusion. ‎Posters of APC candidate, Tony Nwoye, his running mate, Ikedife with Ojukwu’s picture inserted, littered in front of Ojukwu’s family house in Nnewi.

At Aguluzoigbo in Aniocha LGA, home of the former National Chairman of the Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, in the votes counted at Uzuanunu polling unit in Aguluzoigbo‎ ward, APGA scored 68, APC 8, PDP 1 and NCP 1. Umeh said he expects the votes margin to be wider in the rest polling units.

“We insist the INEC should maintain what happened here in the day time to also take place at night when the rest of the results will be collected,” Umeh said.

He commended INEC and security agents for ‎maintaining peace, adding that the election went well, except the initial hitch when few card readers malfunctioned but were resolved.

At Ekwueme hall polling units of Ukpo, Dunukofia LGA, home of Prince Arthur Eze and the sponsor of the APC Candidate, the APC scored 409 votes, APGA 102 and PDP 15.

Minister for Labour and Productivity, Dr. Chris Ngige in his home, Nkwoide ward 1 consolidated his stronghold with is party, the APC scoring 152, APGA 68 and PDP 22.

At the Nneofor hall polling unit in Otolo-Nnewi ward an agent of the APC ‎allegedly attempted to snatch uncounted ballot box which brought about scuffle. The incident caused commotion as supporters of other political parties resisted the attempt. Security agents on the ground arrested the agent and sent him out of the polling unit.

 Former President General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Dr Dozie Ikedife whose son is running mate in APC, commended the idea of voting immediately after accreditation‎.

He said it was an improvement in the electoral process, adding that even the IPOB threat did not work much. Ikedife alleged there were inducements in pockets of areas but gave the election a pass mark.

He however demanded that polling booths should be made more secrete that were experienced, noting that some people watched others vote.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Politics: Gov. Obaseki is driving our economy towards industrialization and entrepreneurial development- Kelly O. Udebhulu.

Ikpea Osas reports.

Benin City-The most outspoken, vibrant and popular Esan west local government council' s chairmanship aspirant in the forthcoming council elections in Edo state, Kelly O. Udebhulu, congratulates Edo state Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki for his one year anniversary in office as executive Governor of the state.

In his direct message to all citizens of Edo state and beyond, Kelly O. Udebhulu appeals that the governor needs our prayers and moral supports to actualize all his good plans for the state.

“We should keep praying for our Governor Obaseki. He is doing a great work in driving our economy towards industrialization and entrepreneurial development. In the coming years as he remains the executive Governor, with our prayers and cooperation, he will certainly succeed in taking our state higher than he met it,” Udebhulu said.

He further stressed that;

"In the just concluded Alaghodalo Summit in the state, most Nigerians and even foreign investors said that Edo state is the safest, peaceful, most organized state in Nigeria for investment.
“We should pray for our governor Obaseki. Leadership comes from God. He needs our prayers for him to remain focus and continue to succeed in all his plans to lift the state higher,” Udebhulu concluded.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Happy Birthday: Osemudiamen is Plus one Today.

By Uchendu Onuoha Precious.

FOOTBALL-The best way to success it is said is to follow the footsteps of those who have successfully journeyed before us. And that is exactly what Bright Osemudiamen Kelly, who turned 12 years today, October 26, 2017, is out to accomplish in far away Bundisliga (Germany).

Having started early, and was discovered at the same age and almost the same manner Leo Messi was discovered and groomed, Osemudiamen may end up becoming another whiz kid footballer. Affectionately called “Kelly” by his fans, friends and handlers, he is the latest sensation in the U13 Bundisliga where he plays as top striker for his new club, Fortuna Dusseldolf ( Germany).

This football wonder kid has left no one in doubt that he has been anointed and called to play the round leather game as the spirit of football is upon him. The field is his pulpit, his Bible is his legs, and his message is the gospel of football delivered through scoring goals to the ovation of his spectators whom the stadium is their temple. Once he steps into the field of play, he becomes possessed with the football spirit as the round leather obeys his commands as he meanders his way through like water in a creek, creeping through and tearing the opponent’s defence apart to score goals.

Ose is an embodiment of striking skills. A talented top striker and star in the making. A fast striker with an insatiable appetite for goals, he is aided by an excellent sense of positioning. He possesses the energy and technical skills of CR7 of Real Madrid, the mesmerizing runs of Messi of FC Barcelona, and the lethal finishing of Samuel Eto’o.

This star in the making is a delight to watch during soccer matches where he scores fantastic goals for his club.

Happy birthday!